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Tips For Selling Your Home In The Summer Months

Mow The Lawn at Least Once a Week

If the British summer is as good as it was last year, your grass will grow at a speedy rate, so make sure to keep it neat and tidy as you never know when a viewing could spring up. Also, remember to keep it watered so it looks healthy, bright and green.


Summer Curb Appeal

We know that summer can be a busy time, with organising holidays and looking after the kids, but don’t forget to make sure your house has curb appeal. Make the front of the house look pretty by trimming bushes, getting rid of weeds, giving your front door and garage door a lick of paint and maybe even add some new plants?


Accessorise With Summer Accents

Have a look around your home and see if you can brighten things up a bit. Brightly coloured cushions, throws, or vases can add a splash of colour to catch peoples eye. Adding some flowers to your home not only gives a homely feel but it can also increase the summery vibe.


Offer Summer Fruit and Beverages


Fill your sink with some ice and chilled bottles of drink and have some light snacks within your kitchen. Once again this homely approach to your viewing will make potential buyers feel more relaxed, making them enjoy the whole experience a lot more.


Try To Have Flexible Viewing Hours

Trying your best to provide people with flexible viewing hours will benefit you massively. As summer time is usually a busy time for many they may only have certain times of the day when they are able to come visit. By trying to work out a time that suits both you and the potential buyer well, it will make the viewing a lot more enjoyable.


Hopefully these top 5 tips will give you the help you need if you are thinking of selling your home this summer. We wish you the best of luck.



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