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Home Décor Trends for 2018

19-12-2017 Blog

Spice up your mealtimes: Kitchen Decor

Add some warmth to your kitchen with some colour and mixed materials. Decorating with accessories is a simple, cost effective way to achieve this which can be easily changed, but if you’re looking for something more permanent, get creative with paint, flooring, splash-backs and even kitchen cupboards and worktops. The popularity of geometric prints will be continuing in the New Year, with patterns made out of tiling being used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Go Bold: Colours and Patterns

2018 is going to be all about rich, vibrant colours and bold prints. Adding a splash of colour to a room not only creates a more personal feel, but can make your furniture and accessories really stand out.

Floral prints, which are timeless regardless, will be a big thing in 2018 – especially using contrasting colours. It’s time to say goodbye to millennial pink, as peach, tonal reds and violet are set to be the more popular choices. Green is also set to come back in a big way, with teal, olive and chartreuse as shades of choice, complementing your desire for a cosy home.

Accessorising with copper will be seen less as gold and brass take over, the yellow colouring brightening any room. If colour isn’t really you, abandon it altogether – black and white décor is yet another massive colour trend predicted for 2018.

Fill the Space: Wall Decor

Gallery walls have been a major trend for a few years now, but 2018 will be the year to start thinking about taking them down – this year is going to be all about large, classic, statement pieces. It’s also time to forget about your framed quotes and ‘live, laugh, love’ signs, and replace them with simple graphic prints, moody photography, and abstract geometric art.

Beauty in the detail: Accessorising

Counter intuitive as it seems, there’s no better way to modernise a home in 2018 than to add rustic, beaten features. Consider over-sized metal light shades, whitewash wood panelled wall cladding, concrete features, and herringbone flooring to really be on trend this season. Natural, artisan accessories such as lighting fixtures as well as woven baskets and wall hangings can be used to bring a unique, relaxed, and almost bohemian vibe to your décor.

2018 is also the year to bring the outside in, by adding greenery to your home – affordable, colourful and trending, there are endless amounts of ways to add plants into your décor, such as with hanging planters and painted pots. In addition, choosing natural materials such as limestone, as well as accentuating windows and the views they provide, with help bring a natural, airy feel to your home.