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Meet the Team: Customer Service Department

18-08-2021 Blog

Clarendon Homes has evolved and expanded greatly since being formed over 20 years ago. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to some of our office departments, to give an insight into the company from the staff’s perspective, exploring our team culture, favourite developments and more! This week we introduce our Customer Service team…

The Team

Service Team

Julia, Customer Service/Administrator

Julia has worked with us for just over a year, some of you may have heard her contagious laughter on the phone! She is on hand to organise the snagging and deal with any questions or issues customers may have once they move into their new homes, as well as keeping busy with admin on the side too. She used to work in the banking sector and is a mother of four children; two boys and two girls.

Krzysztof, Customer Service

Krzysztof has been working with us for 3 years since moving away from agricultural work. He works closely with our customers, attending to their annual snagging as well as any other issues that may arise. Whenever you see him he always seems to have a beaming smile on his face.

What is your favourite thing about working at Clarendon Homes?

Julia: Working with a fantastic team of staff! I also get great satisfaction helping our customers to the best of my ability.

Krzysztof: Working with clients is always enjoyable and motivates me throughout the day.

Which is your favourite past development of ours and why?

Julia: I’ve worked with many customers across different developments that it’s impossible to choose one favourite, they’re all great!

Krzysztof: Weavers Park, in Headcorn. The people there are very friendly.

What developments are you looking forward to in the near future and why?

Julia: Allington, because this will be Clarendon Homes’ biggest and most exciting project to date.

Krzysztof: Any development, I like a challenge!

What has changed in the time you have been here?

Julia: The need to adapt to new working conditions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Krzysztof: The management; the business has grown considerably in such a short space of time.

How has the company improved in the time you have been here?

Julia: New staff to support the existing team, allowing us to become more efficient.

Krzysztof: We are building more and more houses at improved standards.

How has the company adapted to working during the pandemic? How have you found it?

Julia: The company has adapted using a professional approach, adhering to all the appropriate guidelines issued by the government. All the staff, including myself, have embraced these changes without fuss.

Krzysztof: Masks, social distancing, and limited people in houses. I have found it easy to adapt to as part of my day to day work day.

Describe/sum up Clarendon in 3 words

Julia: Happy working environment.

Krzysztof: Nice future homes.

What do you think makes people choose to buy a Clarendon property?

Julia: As a family run business, I believe our customers feel they will be more than just a number. Our customers get more of a personal touch and support with their service.

Krzysztof: Our high-quality standards and excellent service.

What would you say is a key selling point of Clarendon properties?

Julia: A high level of finish and attention to detail and our fantastic aftersales/customer care.

Krzysztof: The after-sale service once the purchase is complete.

What’s your favourite memory since working for Clarendon?

Julia: Gareth dressing up as Johnny Bravo in the office!

Krzysztof: Too many memories to choose from!

What is your favourite part of working with customers?

Julia: I have always enjoyed working with customers and getting to know them personally, as the interaction with a person enables me to build a rapport. The gratitude I get from satisfied customers when their issues get resolved is always a great feeling.

Krzysztof: Listening to exactly how our customers want everything and doing that to the best of my ability.

Julia and Krzysztof standing in front of the Clarendon Homes office

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