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Our Efforts Towards Sustainability and Responsibility

23-11-2021 Blog

After the recent COP 26 summit we have looked and identified our efforts towards sustainability and responsibility. These are two things that are very important to us, and we believe it should be celebrated when achieved.

“Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that” – Sir David Attenborough

A healthy small plant in a lightbulb surrounded by dead plants and dry soil.

Air Source Heat Pumps

In 2013 Clarendon Homes built and relocated our HQ to Clarendon House in Harrietsham, and installed our first air-source heat pump. Since then we have used heat pumps on most of our developments and continue to do so.

Air source heat pumps are highly versatile and compatible whether they are used in a small flat or a large property as they work well to reduce C02 emissions, lower costs and provide sustainable heating almost all year round. With an A++ Energy Rating Level the Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pump is very environmentally friendly, and will soon become one of the primary sources of heating. With central Government still supporting their installation through RH1 (Renewable Heat Incentive) and CHG (Clean Heat Grant) in 2022.

Our Weavers Park development in Headcorn was featured as a case study on the Mitsubishi website, click here to find out more.


The COP 26 summit highlighted many key goals we need to reach to help fight climate change.

Here at Clarendon, we looked through the goals and identified what we do to help fight climate change.

  • Curtail deforestation
  • Speed up the switch to electric vehicles
  • Encourage investment in renewables.

Timber is used in some of our properties for many reasons including the three goals from the COP 26 conference.

Timber is naturally renewable material, comparing timber with alternatives such as bricks, plastics and steel, timber is the sustainable resource. Managed forests ensure trees are planted and in 25 -80 years they will grow back, making timber both renewable and it will help curtail deforestation.

Electric Car Charging Points

Speeding up the switch to electric vehicles was highlighted as a goal. Therefore, we install electric car charging points in all of our developments.

In short electric cars emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars. Making them better for the environment. By installing Electric charging points at our developments, we are providing an easy way to charge an electric car.

Electric Car charging

Solar Panels

In some of our properties such as Churchfields phase 2 we have used solar panels! Solar panels are known to be clean as it derives its energy from the sun. Solar panels help to fight greenhouse gas emissions and unlike traditional forms of electricity doesn’t need or depend on the use of fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels being burnt we could cut out the harmful gases that are the primary reason for air pollution and ultimately climate change.

Energy Saving Fittings

The Energy saving trust explains that if the average UK household replaced all of their bulbs with LEDs, it would cost about £100 and save about £40 a year on bills. This might not sound like a massive saving, but if an LED lightbulb is left on 7 hours a day it would last around 10 years.

The name says it all; energy saving bulbs are good for the environment because they are particularly effective at saving energy. LED Lighting can achieve energy saving of 50-70% compared to older less efficient light bulbs.

The benefits don’t stop there! For every traditional halogen bulb you switch to a similar LED bulb you could save around 5kg of CO2 per year.

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