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Top 10 Tips to Become an Interior Design Pro!

09-09-2021 Blog

This blog will touch on the topic of interior design. As nice as an empty canvas is, it can leave you with lots of space and not so many ideas. This is where we step in. This is our top 10 tips to be an interior design pro!

1. Make your house, your home!

You should decorate your home like you dress yourself. Everyone will have their own features, decorations, and colours that they like. You should cherish and show off your own personality in your home. Whether that’s showcasing your favourite ornaments or your childhood photos, you want to be proud of your home.

2. Maximise space and de-clutter

Measuring and drawing up a plan is a great and easy way to maximise your space, this allows you to prepare for what you want to include in your rooms. Using clever storage such as an ottoman bed or bench is a sneaky way to hide and de-clutter, allowing for clean, tidy surfaces. Keeping surfaces clear makes cleaning more efficient and makes your house look like a showroom.

Fitted kitchen and utility room at Pilgrims place.
Pilgrims Place – Kitchen

3. Look into the best lighting options

Natural and artificial lighting are the two main ways to light a room. Allowing lots of natural light into your home isn’t only a cost-saver. It is also proven to make you more productive, happy, and healthier. Natural light is always a benefit!

However, you can’t forget about artificial light. Artificial light is much more reliable than natural light especially in England! Ambient, accent, and mood lighting are a few ways that you can use artificial lighting to decorate your home.

4. Add some eye-catching shine

Eye-catching decorations are a good way to make your house stand out. From quirky artwork to decorative mirrors, small additions can make a huge difference. Make sure that there are no clashes, if you have another loud or bright object in the room make sure they complement each other or pick from the two for a focal point.

Artwork is a great way to validate and recognise emotion. Therefore, having artwork around the house is a great way to show the different dynamics which you want in your home.

Blue Velvet sofa with gold and cream cushions at the Hive.
The Hive – Living Room

5. Analyse the look and take your time

Take some time to evaluate and analyse your ideas. Draw a little image of the concept and ideas you have. Channel your inner interior designer and try a few ideas out to see if they fit together. If you like what you’ve got, then keep going! If you’re struggling for ideas, take some inspiration and look online at images of our previous show homes!

6. Don’t ignore the floor!

Flooring is a very underappreciated part of the home. At Clarendon Homes all of our homes are fully carpeted and tiled at standard. Finding floor decorations which not only match the colour, but the type of flooring you have is important. Decorative rugs, lamps and plants are just a few ways to decorate your floor. If you are aiming for a luxury home your flooring can’t be overlooked.

Lounge at The Hive
Churchfields – Living room

7. Decorate with nature!

Plants and flowers are the perfect way to add colour and life to a room on a budget. Large plants can not only add colour and beauty to a room, but they can also be a real focal point. Less permanent but still effective is fresh flowers. They add vibrant smells and colour to your home, which is proven to boost moods.

8. Choose colours that inspire

Different colours have certain effects on the mind. This is always great to consider when choosing colour schemes. Deep blue helps to encourage efficiency, while yellow helps you to focus, making them perfect for a study room or an office. Green is a healing colour and a symbol for wealth while red helps to inspire passion.

9. Finding beauty in simplicity

Sometimes less is more. Bright, white, and minimalist tones are very much in trend, as these lighter tones bring a sense of elegance to your home. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include your favourite colourful piece of art. It just means you should check it isn’t too overbearing and unorganised.

Kitchen-diner at woodland court
Woodside Court – Kitchen-diner

10. Look after your work!

Having spent lots of time and money on interior design the last thing you want to do is damage or ruin your work. By cleaning consistently and being careful with your home it will increase the lifespan your interior tremendously.

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